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We, the People

We trust that our employees are always doing their best in every situation. That's why we like to be generous.


In addition to the contractual benefits, all employees are granted voluntary benefits. Take note that these may change over time or may – in the worst case – be cancelled altogether. On the upside, you may also suggest additional benefits.

See the benefits chapter for more information.

Roles not Titles

We don't believe in the titles game. We work as a team on our projects, where everyone gives their best. Our people have roles (Software Engineering, Sales, Project Management, etc.) that they fulfil as good as they can.


nxt was founded by three friends. We want that employees are able to spend time with each other aside from the daily business, and we want that to be fun. Some activities are mandatory, others are voluntary, and some are a mixture thereof. The time required (incl. travel) and all expenses of mandatory activities are always reimbursed. You can record the time from when you leave the office until one hour after dinner has started (or until the event has concluded when there was no dinner).

See the events chapter for an overview about company-supported events.

Last update: August 31, 2023