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This chapter describes what belongs into the handbook, what into the general employment contract and what into the individual employment contract.

The Handbook

You're reading the handbook right now. The handbook describes details of our culture and is a living document. It tries to explain how we would like our company to work and how it should feel working here.

Everyone is encouraged to propose changes anytime.

It can voluntarily grant you more rights than the general or individual employment contract. But it's not legally binding. Everything in it is best-effort and subject to change.

The General Employment Contract

The general employment contract (Mitarbeiterreglement) is a contract between nxt employees and nxt, extending your individual employment contract. It is a legally binding document and contains rights and duties of every employee at nxt. Additionally, it covers all the nitty-gritty insurance details.

It's a rather static document, because it concerns all employees and changes have to be agreed upon by all employees. An employee may choose not to "upgrade" to the next version. This may or may not have implications. The worst implication would be an ordinary termination of the contract.

The Individual Employment Contract

The individual employment contract is between you and nxt. It covers your work schedule (Pensum), your salary and everything else that is not covered in the general employment contract and everything that explicitly differs from it.

Changes to the individual contract do require writenness and have to be signed by both parties, you and nxt. A pay-rise would be such a change, as would be a change in your schedule.

Last update: September 1, 2022